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Future of The Digital Transformation

Today the world has gone digital. Every generation claims its world is changing promptly. The technology is specifically prone to fast evolution. Our society as a whole is facing a swift and thorough change due to the advancement of digital technologies and their frequent penetration of all markets. With the growth of new digital technologies, such as social networks, mobile phones, and large amount of data, etc., virtually all organizations and companies are managing multiple initiatives to analyze and handle their benefits. In the future, Global 2000 will expect to see most of their business depend on their ability to yield products, services, and processes that are digitally enhanced.

Artificial Intelligence Prominence

We all are familiar with a variety of digital assistants such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft’s Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana respectively. All these are AI and very well known to us. Additionally, in digital marketing, customer services, and data analytics, the utilization of AI is gradually increasing. Businesses are employing AI to connect with their customers, which is proving to be inexpensive, smarter, and faster. Hence, it is predicted that all the manual work will soon be taken over by AI.

Importance of Internet

Since the world has become a global village now, it is essential to have easy access to internet. We cannot even imagine our lives without the internet, because all the work we do is somehow connected with the internet. Companies are working online and their success in the future is associated with digitalization. Subsequently, in the future, the dependency on the internet will a lot more increase.

More Smart Gadgets

The trend is already enforced and will continue to do so. Smart wardrobes, speakers, lights, smart LEDS, computers, etc. Some will be a novelty and vanish, while some may turn into worthy additions to our day-to-day lives. It will eventually depend on the consumer what they find advantageous and what is just marketing or promotion. If something does not make your life convenient or offer less value, then it will not get used. If it does not get used, it will get forgotten about and basically decline the credibility as well as reliability of that product and brand.

Faster Internet

In the future, higher prevalence of WIFI, 5G, and even 6G internet would bring significantly faster wireless connection speeds. High amounts of data would be transferred at ultra-fast speeds to enable the use of time-sensitive operations. With these speeds, real-time business transactions would be possible. Any organization, be it big or small, will be able to use big data to get business insights.

Digital security and privacy

With the increasing rate of digital transformation, security and privacy concerns are also growing. Different countries are starting to address this issue by public policy. For example, EU has passed the General Data Protection Regulation bill. Similarly, there are increasing calls in the U.S. for the implementation of strict rules to direct technology companies to respect security and privacy. Many companies are coming forward with the promise of privacy and digital security.

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